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BPC Crew Scheduling

Visually manage crews and collaborate to tackle planning challenges

BPC Crew Scheduling is a product designed to facilitate the process of crew scheduling and long-term planning for multiple vessels and ranks, targeting Marine Personnel departments across the industry.

It provides an extended planning time-frame, satisfying the increasingly complex regulatory, legal and quality constraints on vessel crews. The User Experience is provided through a web browser making it easy for remote users or users using tablet devices to view and change the plan.

Plan & Assignments

The plan is visualized via a color coded, Gantt style timeline chart, displaying which seafarers staff vessel positions over time. Plan handling is performed via drag and drop gestures to resize, move or reassign specific assignments.

Available seafarers are displayed in a filter-able selection pane and can be moved to any scheduling slot by dragging and dropping. The system is capable of handling and displaying position overlapping when two seafarers of the same rank are on board for a specific time period (f.e during vessel handover).


CRS incorporates an advanced validations mechanism to assist in avoiding issues with the plan. The validations provide error and warning notifications and can be customized according to existing business rules and regulatory guidelines.


CRS supports the following workflows that can be adapted to existing business practices:

  • Crew Change
  • OnSigners / OffSigners
  • Promotion
  • Issue Endorsement
  • Recruitment Needs Management

BPC Crew Scheduling is available either as a on-premises solution or a Microsoft Azure based subscription service.

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